Director, Materials Management

The Director, Materials Management is accountable for materials management and for the development, implementation and management of the materials management strategy and day-to-day operations. The Director, Materials Management leads a team of professionals to achieve organizational goals, which include ensuring a cost effective inventory and procurement process with exceptional service levels. The Director, Materials Management is fundamentally responsible for the life cycle of clinical and non-clinical products and services utilized by the entire organization as well as the end to end value chain of supply management, and is the key person accountable for managing purchasing contracts, service agreements and working with GPO affiliates to ensure best pricing across the health system. The Director, Materials Management should engage leader (clinical and non-clinical) and physicians in proactively identifying, selecting, sourcing, procuring and distributing products and services for the health system. May also deal with significant issues that impact patients, such as product/service selection, physician preference items, supply chain service quality, product availability, emergency and disaster response management and hazardous waste items. Oversees hospital courier services. Optimizes the functionality of the current materials management system in support of the essential functions of the position. Assumes responsibility for researching and recommends technology that can enhance the capabilities of the department into the future.#
Develops, guides and directs Materials Management vision and strategy to support the overall business strategy, performance objectives and customer expectations. Develops strategies to enhance the standardization and "systemness" of the supply management function across the Fisher-Titus Health system. Develops and manages relationships with leaders across the organization to inform, refine and communicate the supply management strategy and ensures it is tightly integrated with the organization's cost containment strategies. Formulates, leader, directs and executes all programs and strategies including Materials Management operations, information technology, and operations/spend management. Engages clinical leadership in product evaluation processes. Negotiates and implements contracts including local and regional supplies and GPO's/Distributors. Identifies and drives cost improvement strategies through the organization's Value Analysis Teams (ESCO). Collaborates with Revenue Cycle and has fundamental knowledge of budgeting, financial analysis, cost control practices, and maintaining the accuracy of the organization's CDM. Drives continuous improvement by utilization of metrics, tools, procedures, systems & softwards to achieve best-in-class performance.

Don't Be Fooled

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